Lockout Tagout Devices

11 - Types


Lockout Padlock

Available in different types / range of colors to increase visibility and allow workers to readily see if a device is properly locked out.

3 - Types


Lockout Tags

Used to inform people of probable danger around particular machine or an area and to provide the safety instructions.

15 - Types


Valve Lockout

Prevent unauthorized operation of valves. Whether you have Ball Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves or Butterfly Valves; their method of operation determine the lockout device.

15 - Types


Circuit Breaker Lockout

Complete range of high quality, universal Circuit Breaker Lockout Devices to ensure that electrical energy sources are isolated for optimal work place safety.

14 - Types


Electrical Panel Lockout

Lockout device for your Switches, MCBs, MCCBs, Breakers, Isolators, Push Buttons, Emergency Stops, Levers, Panel Door Knobs / Locks, Handles, Fuses, etc.

5 - Types


Cable Lockout

Ideal for situations where there is a need to lockout multiple energy sources with one device or where the design / placement of the energy sources prevents other types of lockouts from being used.

10 - Types


Lockout Hasp

To isolate an energy source using multiple padlocks. Allowing each authorised person to place their own padlock on it, preventing any re-energising until all padlocks are removed.

2 - Types


Cylinder Lockout

No need to match your lockout device for varying diameters and threads of cylinder caps. Our gas cylinder lockout is adjustable and installs in seconds.

3 - Types


Pneumatic Lockout

Isolate pneumatic energy without the expense and inconvenience of installing in-line lockout valves. Applied to the male fittings, isolating equipment from all compressed air sources.

10 - Types


Plug Lockout

Prevent electrical plugs from being inserted into a wall outlet. It is used when the plug is not under the exclusive control of the person performing service or maintenance.

8 - Types


Lockout Kit

Wide range of portable lockout kits tailored for specific applications and requirements.

3 - Types


Lockout Station

Equipped with the tools / gadgets that are needed to isolate mechanical and electrical control points.

2 - Types


Key & Padlock Station

Simple and affordable solution to your key / padlock storeage requirement.

9 - Types


Group Lock Box

Each authorised work team member places a personal lock on the group lock box. Ensures that no single employee has access to the box unless all employees have removed their locks.

9 - Types


Lockout Accessories

Help in successfully performing the lockout / tagout procedures and policies.

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