Lockout Accessories

OSHA Lockout Safety Poster

  • These posters help them in training their workers and making their work force understand lockout.
  • The information help employees understand lockout in a simple way, help prevent injuries and save lives by communicating safe lockout / tagout procedures.
  • Posters can be made and supplied in all the Indian & International languages.
  • Available Sizes : 18 x 24, 24 x 32, 36 x 48 inch
  • Posters are made on : Self Stick Vinyl / on 3 mm Foam Board / on 3 mm ACP (Aluminium Composite Panel)
  • Can be made with your company logo / address / dept. name / phone number / e-mail id / website or any other required information at an additional nominal cost.
Code Description
POSTER - 01 OSHA Lockout Safety Poster - 01
POSTER - 02 OSHA Lockout Safety Poster - 02
POSTER - 03 OSHA Lockout Safety Poster - 03
POSTER - 04 OSHA Lockout Safety Poster - 04
POSTER - 05 OSHA Lockout Safety Poster - 05

Lockout Permit Holder

  • Specially designed and made document holder in clear flexible sheeting to safe guard the permits issued for Lockout / Tagout and other purposes to always make them available to the person concerned.
  • Convenient to use and easy to hang on the walls near the machines.
  • Customized permit holder : minimum order quantity 500 nos.
Code Description
LA - 01 Lockout Permit Holder

Lockout Registers (A + B)

  • Lockout Registers are a crucial part of the LOCKOUT TAGOUT system for every department.
  • They are used by each and every department separately for keeping a full record of the LOCKOUT / TAGOUT procedures followed in the department and also used for keeping the record of what all products are used by whom, how much period, for which purpose and which specific machine / location etc.
  • These registers ensure that the whole Lockout / Tagout process is followed and implemented in a perfect way and the same has been understood and recorded as per the company Lockout Policy.
Code Description
LA - 02 Lockout Registers (A + B)

Scaffolding Tag Holder

  • Designed to operate in conjunction with their Tags / Inserts to help identify working at height hazards and efficiently manage inspection procedures.
  • Round or Universal head to fit on tube and clip or system scaffolding.
  • Finger lift : Easier to remove the Tag / Insert.
  • Compatible with Tag / Insert used at sites.
Code Description
LA - 03 Scaffolding Tag Holder

Scaffolding Tags

  • Designed to operate in conjunction with Tag holder to help identify working at height hazards and efficiently manage inspection procedures.
  • Easier to Read
  • Clear warnings
  • Clear mandatory duties to follow
  • Initial inspection record, visible on front of Tag / Insert.
  • Important information not hindered by side lugs of the holder.
Code Description
LA - 04 Scaffolding Tags

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