Cylinder Lockout

Cylinder lockout - Gate Valve type

  • Used to lockout propane cylinders on Forklift trucks.
  • Prevents access to the valve handle.
  • Easy to use.
  • Designed to fit in tight spaces. Single padlock can be applied.
  • Designed with hole dia of 29 mm.
Code Description
CL - 01 Cylinder lockout - Gate Valve type

Cylinder Lockout

  • Easy application.
  • Prevent access to the valve handle.
  • The unit encloses the valve head and is locked in place with two interlocking plates.
  • Installed in seconds and provides quick and easy identification of a full / empty cylinder. Additional function of applying a padlock to lock the device in place, to prevent unauthorized activation of the valve / cylinder.
  • Inner size - 85 mm dia x 150 mm depth.
  • Designed with the stem hole dia of 35 mm.
Code Description
CL - 02 Cylinder Lockout

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