Plug Lockout

Plug Lockout

  • Designed to isolate electrical plugs to prevent a machine from being energized.
  • Completely encloses electrical plugs to prevent accidental re-connection.
  • The plug completely sits inside the unit with the cable being fed through an access hole.
  • PL - 01 is suitable for a variety of electrical connections up to 40 mm diameter and 110V plugs. Dimension : 80 H x 44 D x 42 W mm with ½" diameter hole for cable.
  • PL - 02 is suitable for standard and larger electrical plugs (220V / 500V), including 3 phase connectors. Dimension : 155 H x 86 D x 84 W mm with 8.5 to 19 diameter holes for cable.
  • Four padlocks can be applied.
Code Description
PL - 01 Plug Lockout - Small
PL - 02 Plug Lockout - Large

Plug Lockout - Cylinder

  • Prevents plugs from being 'plugged in' until intentionally removed.
  • Slip plug into the cylinder, close one or both cover plates for a snug fit and secure with padlock.
  • Fits any plug up to 600 volts, 5-7/8" x 3" dia.
Code Description
PL - 03 Plug Lockout - Cylinder

Plug Cover Lockout

  • Made of special grade fabric and black riveted leather encased belt.
  • Can be supplied on request with solid PVC pipe insert of suitable dia to avoid unwanted operation of the control buttons of hoist of cranes etc. (at an extra cost)
  • Customized size made on order.
Code Description
PL - 04 Plug Cover Lockout - Small
PL - 05 Plug Cover Lockout - Large

Pin & Sleeve Plug Lockout

  • Attached to the outer circular wall of the MALE PLUG and it holds the protruded portion of the plug wall. Hence, disallowing the plug to be inserted in the socket.
  • One product for all sizes of plugs.
  • Protect against unexpected start-up of equipment during maintenance and repair work.
Code Description
PL - 06 Pin & Sleeve Plug Lockout

Pin & Sleeve Socket Lockout

  • Simply insert the locking device into the FEMALE SOCKET. Bring over the socket flap to hold it in place and lock it with lockout hasp and padlock.
  • Available in 4 sizes to block socket of 110V, 16 Amp to sockets of 500 V, 63 Amp (to accommodate a full range of electrical plug designs and ratings).
  • Protect against unexpected start-up of equipment during maintenance and repair work.
Code Description
PL - 07 Pin & Sleeve Socket Lockout - Small
PL - 08 Pin & Sleeve Socket Lockout - Medium
PL - 09 Pin & Sleeve Socket Lockout - Large
PL - 10 Pin & Sleeve Socket Lockout - Extra Large

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